Areas of  Expertise

  • Digitising Unstructured Data
  • Onboarding Customer & Accounts
  • Processing Data  for  Banking Platforms( NTR)
  • RPA of International Payments: on Blue Prism™
  • Providing Cloud Platform Solutions using            Citrix Workspace™, Amazon AWS™ 

Effective Solutions for Digital Banking

Business and Technology
We Know Both

Experience Matters

Dealing with long term issues such as  processing Unstructured Data is not something your institution can take lightly.  N-Tier India has the support team and software to process  non-digital data so that your firm can embrace all the  benefits from true Digital Banking.


Time is always a factor when dealing with project issues. Our experience tells us  it is worth developing  a  concept strategy to  shape the overall solution so that the client can see the deliverable they require. Schedule a consultation for a confidential analysis.

Expertise Matters

At N-Tier India, we are well skilled with building and  designing software to match client needs. Count on our team for the resources and support to bring your project  to a favorable close, on time and within budget.